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Ethni City MTL Magazine

Create and design a new magazine. Everything had to be done with our own content, writing the articles, create ads, take pictures, short videos, etc. The final version of the print layout was my responsibility as the Chief Editor. This final magazine has forty pages and was created in collaboration with Samantha Di Niro, Nicole Galindo, Mathieu Gévry, and Steven Lam. 

The magazine offers a unique perspective on the people and the city’s neighbourhoods. We want the readers to learn more about the fascinating communities and experience Montreal in a whole different way. Discover how people’s traditions, language, beliefs, and food are shaping the city. We wanted to share stories, propose activities, events, restaurants, and hot spots to be discovered around the city. The mission of this magazine is to maximize the multicultural lifestyle and spread a dynamic image of Montreal across Canada.

Mockup background credits: www.themeraid.com


Magazine Publishing


Fall 2016