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Rhumba Packaging

Promotion campaign for an alcoholic beverage, design the brand image and some promotion. In addition, create a brand association with another company, a shoe store, for this promotion campaign. The name for the product and the identity for it had to be created. Also creating a label to be integrated on the bottle design as well as on a 4-pack box. Since this campaign involves a brand association with a shoe store, a creative strategy was thought to links both products. This project was created in collaboration with Eve St-Martin.

We wanted to create a connection with Summer; therefore we chose to design a pińa colada flavoured drink. The logo and brand image of Rhumba Flirt Fusion is inspired of the Cuban music style “rumba” and the tropical flavours. The advertising is intended to inspire Summer and to suggest a refreshing drink.

Mockup background credits: www.pixeden.com


Design Integration


Winter 2016